Garage Doors

Do It Yourself – Installing your Hormann doors

For the home owner searching for an affordable price, high end materials, and a variety of custom styles and designs when purchasing a new garage door, look no further than Hormann doors. In addition to selling professionally designed and installed doors, the manufacturer also guarantees the quality, the materials, and the durability of the doors they sell to their customers.

No obligation survey
Prior to having the Hormann doors installed, a professional installation tech will visit the home to assess the property. The garage door area will be measured, advice will be provided to home owners, and of course a free quote estimate will be provided for the new garage doors. Whether the home owner wants a simple design, or something more ornate in detail, a professional will visit the home, discuss their options, and give them a written quote, for the price of the installation as well as the new door.

Benefits of choosing Hormann
In addition to the no obligation visit to your home, Hormann doors manufacturers guarantee:
– All doors and materials are fully inspected and certified, prior to being installed in the home.
– Environmentally friendly materials are used in the installation process.
– A ten year warranty comes with your garage door, so you are covered in the event the doors falter, something breaks, or there are issues with electrical wiring in the future.
– Protection from corrosion is also provided.
In addition to these benefits. when you choose to install Hormann doors in your home, if you ever have to buy a spare part or replace something, the parts are readily available, with several retailers. This means you can easily find spare parts and replacement parts, for a reasonable price when you need to perform any repair or replacement services to the doors.

Custom fit for your home
Another benefit of selecting Hormann when installing a new garage door is the fact that home owners can select a custom designed style for their home. When an installation expert visits the home, they will not only provide customers with suggestions and ideas, but will also inform them of material options, colors, and design styles they can choose from, when having the new doors installed. As a customer, you are aware of the process during all phases (prior to and during installation); and, you will have complete control, in terms of how the garage looks, and the cost of the new doors you choose to install for your garage.

As a home owner, not only do you want the garage doors to look good, you want them to function as they should. From proper electrical wiring, to security for the items in your garage, Hormann doors are going to provide you with that peace of mind. With high quality materials and environmentally friendly materials, your new garage doors are not only going to look great once they are installed in your garage, they are also fully warranted and covered, so you don’t have to worry about damage or destruction with your new doors.