DIY and Home Improvement

DIY Disasters

Many people decide to improve their home for different reasons. One reason may be that you are getting your home ready to rent it out and want to obtain the best monthly rental for your property. Other people just decide it is time for a change and want a re-vamp. Home improvements can be costly if not planned and organised prior to starting as it is very easy to get carried away.

A perfect example was the time I decided to remove the textured wall paper from my Living room and paint it. After starting to take the paper off I realised the walls were very rough and would need lining paper (already causing additional time and costs). As I got further around the room I came across a further issue… plaster literally falling off the walls! The walls were in a terrible condition and as I had already caused further damage, I had no option but to carry on down the path I had started and now re-plaster the walls. All of a sudden a quick spruce up of my Living room was turning into a nightmare taking far longer than expected and costing a considerable amount more. My advice to you is to try and find out the condition of the walls (check a small area or get expert advice) before you start and always plan for the worst, have a contingency plan in place should the unexpected happen.

DIY Disaster Plastering

Saying this, I have had many pleasant experiences of interior decorating and home improvement – transforming a room in 2 days on a budget as little as £150 but adding over a £1000 value to my home. Home improvement can be fun and a very rewarding mission, just have a detailed plan of how you are going to carry the improvements out and a plan B should the worst happen naturel viagra.

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