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When to Start Planting

While a lot of people won’t feel all that enthusiastic about gardening during the autumn, this is actually the best time of the year to start getting work done. By planting bulbs at this point in time, you will ensure an abundance of flowers jumping up at the start of spring. Even when looking at …


How To Grow Lavender

Looking for beautiful flowers with a nice scent, then lavender is our recommended choice. Easy to grow and hard to find anything to dislike, it’s a popular choice for gardens. If you want to start growing lavender in your garden, first find a spot which is well-lit. As it’s a Mediterranean herb, it grows much …

Home and Garden Products

Wood Frame Greenhouses

You can find many different types of greenhouses on the market today but one of the most common types is a greenhouse with a steel or aluminium frame. They came about in the 90s replacing wood frame greenhouses but perhaps the trend is shifting once more. Wood frame greenhouses still sell well, and some people …

Garage Doors

An Overview of Overlap Sectional Garage Door

There are different types of garage doors that are installed for different properties. They include sectional garage doors, up and over, electric, overlap sectional, side hinged, roller, slide, and folding, round the corner and front entrance garage doors. Sectional garage doors have received so much attention for their style, security, versatility, safety, and ease of …


Summer House Furniture

A summer house can be a nice place to enjoy a meal, spend an evening or just get some peace and quiet, but that’s only the case if the right kind of furniture is included. Summer house furniture tends to lay somewhere between garden furniture and living room furniture. This includes glass tables and wicker …