When to Start Planting


While a lot of people won’t feel all that enthusiastic about gardening during the autumn, this is actually the best time of the year to start getting work done. By planting bulbs at this point in time, you will ensure an abundance of flowers jumping up at the start of spring.

Even when looking at the best time to start planting for the coming year, there is quite a lot of variation of when that time is from breed to breed. For instance, Tulips require a planting time during mid to late autumn, which places it a bit later in the year than most other species of flowers.

While it is nice to have plants starting to flower just when the weather start to improve, it is a good idea to plant some bulbs and flowers during spring as well, therefore getting a garden which will flower throughout the spring and summer time. This will require specific flower varieties, such as allium and agapanthus bulbs.