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The Process of Choosing a Skylight

Skylights and rooflights can be difficult products to choose, especially if you can’t see them in person and have just looked online. If you need a helping hand finding rooflights to suit you, follow this guide:

  • Choose the type of skylight you want. Do you want something slimline and modern or would you prefer a pyramid or dome? Much of this depends on your property as well – homes tend to look better with glass skylights rather than polycarbonate domes.
  • ¬†Find a good supplier. Look for brands you recognise and check they are an approved seller. Speak to them about your requirements and see what options they come up with.
  • Find out how easy it will be to install skylights. Get somebody to carry out a survey and give you costs and timescales. You can then decide if this is the right option for you and schedule an installation at your property.