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What Are Retractable Terrace Covers?

Retractable terrace covers are a modern, improved version of the traditional shades for exterior windows, patios, terraces, and pool areas of a home, and can even be fitted to an RV or a boat. The perfect summer accent, awnings have been proved to be the most energy-efficient way to shield your house from the heat of the sun.
As much a part of summer as a tall glass of iced tea, awnings always make a house look like a vacation home where the rich and famous go to escape the hot business district where they make their millions. Even on the hottest days, awnings that block the sun while letting in the breezes will make a patio into a pleasant place to eat lunch or dinner, and to linger over drinks and conversation as the twilight fades to dark.
By cutting the suns heat, glare, and harmful UV rays, awnings keep the summer heat from ever getting close enough to the interior of a house to raise the inside air significantly. Research shows that air conditioning costs are reduced by well over half in houses equipped with awnings on south and west facing windows.
The new wood-grained aluminium gives the look of real painted wood that’s UV resistant, heat and fire resistant, termite evidence and doesn’t crack, peel or rot for first three years. Another advantage is that aluminium Lattice Covers have built-in gutters presenting a clean, engaging roofline. One can make a selection from factory-baked enamel finish of natural cedar, or from a variety of colours available.
The cover has many practical uses during the summer time. The covers can be opened in the late morning when the sun starts to warm up the patio area, and they can be closed when the sun goes down, and the area begins to cool down. The covers come in different colours and styles. Many match the cover material to their lawn or patio furniture design.
The covers help people save on energy costs during the summer when used over the outside windows. Keeping the sun from beating down on an exposed window actually, helps keep the inside of the home cooler. The air conditioner does not have to work as hard to keep the home cool.
More modern systems have a sensor that opens the cover automatically in the morning when the sun is out and closes the awning in the late afternoon when the sun goes down. This is a convenient feature. But guests should be alerted to automatic feature so that they will not be surprised.
The retractable terrace covers can be used to control the level of indoor light. The covers also help furniture stay new looking. Sun rays can damage furniture fabric and by protecting it from the damage from the sun will help it look like new for years to come. Some people install the awnings to increase the value of their home.
The coverings help keep areas dry during the raining season. They are not only used during the summer. The awnings can be opened to keep the terrace, deck, or patio dry when it rains. People like to put them in their hot tubs to keep their tub free from leaves and debris.
People with RV’s, recreation vehicles, install them on the side of their vehicle. When the RV is parked, the awning can be opened to provide shelter from the sun and the elements. It makes a good cover for chairs, picnic tables, and even an outdoor stove.