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Useful Tips when Buying Firewood

Other than keeping your house warm when the cold weather becomes extreme, using firewood has tons of advantages. When your house chimney gets heated, it helps draw out hot air from the house hence improving air infiltration. In case terrible storms cause power blackout, firewood provides a very efficient heating system. To enjoy all these benefits, ensure you buy it before your stock runs out. There are many firewood dealers, but unfortunately, a good number of crooks also pose as dealers. Use the following tips when you want to high-quality buy firewood. 

Buy the Right Kind of Firewood
It is possible to assume that the difference between different types of woods is insignificant. The truth is that the kind of wood you choose makes a big difference. Hardwood is usually dense and highly efficient because it burns for an extended period than softwood does. It is also clean as compared to other types of wood. Softwood, on the other hand, burns faster and is very dirty. It also causes creosote in your chimney, and if you do not remove it in time, it becomes a fire hazard.

Before you purchase firewood, ensure it has been for at least six months. At this time, it will have lost most of its moisture content. With a moisture content of about 20%, the lumber pieces will burn efficiently without producing smoke. You should not use leftover wood from a construction site especially if it has paint on it. Chemical matter covers such wood, and it becomes airborne as the wood burns. Inhaling those chemicals can be dangerous.

Make Sure That You Get What You Wanted
It is common to have some vendors bringing you less than what you had ordered. You can avoid such a misunderstanding by ensuring you are home when the dealer brings your wood. When you buy firewood, the vendor should write down the type of wood he has sold you and the measurements. Since it is hard to differentiate different wood species, he should perform a simple heft test. You can also tell if it is quality firewood by checking for greyish colour and radial cracks.

Buy the Right Size of Firewood
Usually, traders measure firewood in cords with a face cord measuring 4 feet high and 8 feet wide regardless of the length of the wood. To ensure you get as much firewood as you paid for, avoid buying stacked logs presented to you in a log-cabin style. The right firewood length is 18 inches and 16 inches if you have an indoor fireplace. When splitting the firewood, avoid cutting the last few inches into equal parts. Instead, break the wood and chop the extra ends into smaller pieces that you can use as for kindling the fireplace.

Store your Firewood Properly
You should keep all firewood outside to avoid introducing termites or any other insects in your house. You should have a shed or storage place that you should stock accordingly. However, you can keep a few pieces near the fireplace. In case you do not have a storeroom to keep your firewood, then ensure that you store it with the bark on top of it. The bark acts as a natural barrier against the rain, but during winter, you can protect by placing it over a large tarp.