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Quick Guide To Building a Tree House

A Tree House is that fine balance between adventure and escapism. It can be your sanctuary away from the rest of the world and for both young and old. For kids it is a secret den to hide away from lurking parents and for some adults it is an extension of their youth (or in some cases) a very lucrative business.

If you fancy yourself as a DIY Demi-God and want to give it a go yourself here are a few tips in order to ease the construction process.

The right location is essential, you should probably do some research in your local area (that’s if your home doesn’t come fully equip with substantial hardwood tree). find a large hardwood tree that you can attach the building on a single trunk with load baring braces for extra support. You can also use the other branches of the tree to distribute the weight, make sure you allow enough room for the tree to move too. After that make sure you do the flooring first with the appropriate fasteners so you don’t end up having any serious injuries from the Tree House falling and build in sections.

If all else fails get a professional in.