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Hormann Garage Door Solutions

Hormann has a wide variety of garage doors to choose from. The company has dominated the British market with their unique garage products for over 50 years.  The company is fully operational and accepts all the orders from the UK for all kinds of garage doors. Hormann garage doors come in various designs depending on the type, material used, mode of operation and style.
1.       Door type
The garage doors operate in different ways. Some of the types may be suitable for you whereas others may not. This depends on the physical properties of your garage as well as your preferences. The main types of garage doors can be highlighted as follows:-
·         Up and over type
They are canopy doors with the most popular lifting style gear in the UK. They have a variety of door styles to be suitable for. They are matched to places with limited track headroom. Automation can be made available.
·         Sectional doors
Whereas the vertical opening paves way for park-right-up convenience in these doors, the torsion spring operation offers a smooth mechanism.
·         Roller doors
These travel vertically and form a compact coil over the opening. This allows them to provide minimum requirements of space both outside and in.
·         Personnel doors
They are commonly known as side entrances to garages. They are mostly pre framed and come with a Euro profile night latch and a deadlock as well as 4 anti-drop bolt hinges for each leaf of the door. They only open outwards and have a lock on the right if viewed from outside.
·         Side hinged doors
They offer excellent security and are the most ideal in case there are obstructions inside the garage. They are most durable with an option of automation.
2.       Doors by material
Hormann garage doors are offered in a broad collection of designs that cut across various finishes as well as materials. You can make a choice of your best style with the merits of either a low maintenance finish or real timber. The doors are constructed using a premium grade and galvanized steel, which is safe and resistant to corrosion. Others are made of GRP. GRP doors have the same strength ratio as steel doors. Since this material is highly durable, the garage doors are mostly used in the yachting industry. Some garage doors are made of cedar. Timber doors are supplied with a stained base coat so that you can have a finishing with the colour of your choice. Also, there are aluminium doors with lath design ideal for a garage that has a bedroom above it or that garage that is still your work place. They bar heat from escaping preventing you from cold.
3.       Style and mode of operation
Hormann garage doors have unique styles. With an experience of over 50 years, you will not miss a door with your favourite style. The various British styles include Georgian, Gemini, Hathaway, Kent, Shakespeare, Milton, Malvern, nelson, Tudor, Stuart styles of garage doors to mention but a few. Other  garage doors are grouped depending on the gear operation they have. Examples are the steel line, thermaglide 77 and 55, side hinged, safelift+ and maximiser door types.
As soon as your garage door has been fixed or installed, important aspects of ease of usage, upkeep, security, operation and durability then become apparent. Hormann promises you a durable door that will serve you for so many years.