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Awnings Northampton

Patio Awnings in Northampton

Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers specialise in the selling, supply, installation and servicing of patio awnings.

The many Northampton Patio Awnings we deliver are completely retractable and are available with full cassette, semi cassette or open cassette covers to guard against the sun. This allows you to enjoy the shade and shelter which a patio awning selflessly provides.

Whilst being capable of effectively offer sun protection, our patio awnings are available in a number of different material covers to offer effective shade against sun glare and the rain. A waterproof patio awning allows you to remain outdoors even during the rain keeping your patio dry and your mind at ease.

We only deal with suppliers and models of the highest quality to ensure that the best performance possible is provided for a great number of years to come and that you remain deeply satisfied after dealing with us.

Sun Awnings in Northampton

Sun Awnings can be the difference between a relaxing, accommodating outside space and an area spoiled by a powerfully strong sun. Samson Awnings & Terrace Covers offer and install a variety of sun awnings suited to blocking out the powerful heat from the sun without losing the natural light.

All of our patio cover products offer substantial quality sun shading at extremely affordable Samson sun awning prices.

Even though sun awnings are created for use to block the sun, they are also constructed to withstand mild rainfall when used to cover an entertainment area at night. With in-built tilting halogen lamps, our sun awnings with lighting can be quickly extended and brighten up any location with the effortless click of a remote control handset.