Tips For Maintaining Your Lawn During Dry Weather

Most grasses are quite resilient to short term drought. Green grass man out with his hosepipe every time the sun shines, wastes the same amount of water in one hour as a family of four uses in a week, and is as guilty as the water companies, who leak 300 million gallons each day, off wasting water and bringing on a hosepipe ban. Keep your lawn green in dry weather without wasting water and risking a hose pipe ban!
Keep your grass cut to a length of 7 cm, it will not need to be watered as much as a lawn that is cut too short. To much watering to compensate for the loss of leaf surface, may encourage weeds such as crab-grass, and fungus disease and will encourage the roots to stay shallow. Long, deep-rooted grass can survive drought better and needs water only occasionally, in dry conditions leave your grass longer and water in the evening. Mulch your grass clippings and leave them there! They are full of water and nitrogen! Just what your lawn needs!