Should you Choose a Patio or a Deck?

Patios and decks serve much the same function – to give you more outdoor space that is more usable for you. There are many similarities but also, differences, so you need to choose which is right for you. Think about the following points before making a decision for your garden:

  • Patios are usually made from stone and decks are wooden. This makes patios more long lasting in general. However, many types of decking can be very sturdy as well. Just be careful about the wood you are buying if you choose a deck.
  • It may be easier to BBQ on a patio. Decks could potentially pose a fire hazard and may be less stable.
  • Decking can be more accessible. You will usually have steps to access them and they can be built on uneven ground.
  • It’s largely just aesthetics. This is the biggest difference, so what it comes down to is your own tastes.