Basics of gardening for small and medium sized spaces

Greenery and plants are good for the environment and it is a universal fact, but it brings positive energy and serenity in the ambiance. Lush backyard certainly adds to the beauty of the home. But the most difficult part is to take care of the plants. Each plant is different, needs special handling, some are shade loving others grow well in sun.

Tips of home gardening

· Before planting a sampling, clean the pot properly.

· Use compost as it will enrich the soil with nutrients healthy

· Keep plants at some distance

· Before buying a sapling from the market, do ask with the seller about in which condition it will grow faster.

· If you are a beginner, don’t get confuse about the name of the plant, christen the plant.

· Keep the check on the grass, if it is overgrown, trim it le prix de viagra au maroc.

· Love your plants like babies; it will take you closer to the Mother Nature.