Garage Doors

Hormann Garage Doors

A garage door is one of the most significant investments that add interest and style to your home. The color, style and condition of the door plays a big role in establishing your home’s overall appearance and curb appeal. When buying a garage door, you should consider how you intend to use it, for instance if it’s for a workshop, play area or a utility room. Since garage doors form such as important component of your home, you should be very careful in purchasing your garage door to make sure that you buy that which suits your home best. Therefore, Hormann are determined to provide you with the best garage doors for your home.

Hormann are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality garage doors, electric gates, steel and aluminium entrance and side doors, industrial doors and garage door operators. Hormann manufacture the highest quality range of garage doors from various manufacturing facilities in Germany. The garage doors are made using the latest processes and have a 10 years guarantee of proper functionality. Hormann now offer more door sizes, colors and design options in order to provide customers with a variety of quality, from which, to choose from. With its new engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Hormann allows more product flexibility and capability.

Hormann garage doors are strong offering security and style, all in one with almost endless options for specification. They offer quality garage doors of different types ranging from side-sliding, sectional, rollmatic roller, up-and-over and collection garage doors.

Hormann Sectional garage doors.

Hormann’s quality automatic sectional doors open vertically ensuring that you have more space inside and outside of the garage. These doors fit anywhere, irrespective of whether your garage is chamfered or rectangular, or whether it has a Norman or segmental arch. In addition, Hormann sectional garage doors are made in sizes, making it easy to modernize.

Side sliding sectional doors.

These facilitate fast access to the garage since the wicket door function is standard. This means that in both the power-driven and the manual doors it’s not a must that you open the door completely but you can open just a bit to get in and out faster. In addition, the side sliding sectional doors provide a lot of space under the garage ceiling where one can use the space for some other purposes.

Hormann RollMatic garage doors.

These provides a lot of space inside and in front of the garage. They are made of high quality corrosion-free aluminium and are equipped with modern and technologically advanced Hormann operator. The operator is located outside the support bracket to ensure trouble-free maintenance.

Up-and-over garage doors

Hormann provide up and over garage doors of the best quality and security. They are convenient, with good appearance and of high technology. They are manufactured in steel, G.R.P and timber with the basis of every door panel being a superb steel box section chassis system.

Collective garage doors

Hormann collective garage doors ensure optimum efficiency, personal safety and permanent functional. In addition, they have an extremely smooth running even at high usage frequency. They are available in various infill variants allowing customers to choose their designs.

Hormann provides high quality remote control electric operators for all types of garage doors which are power-driven. In addition, they provide you endless accessories to personalize the access control and security required for your home.
Hormann have been developing since 1950 and will continue to provide customers with secure, perfect, durable and most convenient garage doors. Therefore, you can be assured that investing with Hormann garage doors will never let you down.