Garage Doors

An Overview of Overlap Sectional Garage Door

There are different types of garage doors that are installed for different properties. They include sectional garage doors, up and over, electric, overlap sectional, side hinged, roller, slide, and folding, round the corner and front entrance garage doors. Sectional garage doors have received so much attention for their style, security, versatility, safety, and ease of use. Sectional here means that the doors open and close separately into respective panel sections without any swings from the structure openings and tracking mechanism. For this reason, they allow for the installation of garage openings of any shape.

Features of Overlap Sectional Garage Door

This type of sectional garage door is a modification of the traditional sectional garage door. It is a sectional door without ceiling tracks and springs, but with operator in the head- bar and a double counterweight mechanism. The traditional sectional doors are designed to best suit commercial and industrial structures, but not good with residential buildings. This is because these garage doors are beautifully designed using the best technology that gives attention to detail and customisation choices. It reduces protrusion by half, hence enhancing the garage and enables for optimisation of space. In summary:

• There is no need of ceiling tracks, hence reduces the space needed for the garage ceiling
• Has a standard combination motorisation that rotates the gears operating the counterweights
• Allows for immediate parking of the car from both sides
• It uses the exact mechanism for all wall openings hence fits every type of building
• It is custom made and one can use many options of models, timber species, colours, materials, and accessories.

Benefits of Overlap Sectional

Security – The Silblock and Silhook system that are incorporated in overlap ensure that your garage is secure at all times by providing resistance to burglary and wind as well as improving security from other operators. Furthermore, there is a strong panel and an integrated steel box that are hard to break and it has no external handle, which is normally a target of burglars.

Space – Unlike the traditional sectional doors that have intrusive tracks, the overlap is trackless in that it rises vertically with no internal tracks. This makes it good for large garages having high ceilings or where there are multiple doors others of which are intrusive.

Insulation – Overlap uses durable and resistant wood. The thick wood panels of 75 mm thickness offer the necessary insulation, hence saving energy and money in the end. This is so when the garage is used for multiple functions like playroom, gym, or office on top of keeping the vehicle inside.

Design – Overlap is custom made and one can choose from various designs, colours, styles, materials and so on. Not only are those, even the standard designs available in various designs and combinations that one can choose from.

Automation – Manual operation of any system is so inconveniencing and time wasting. The Overlap has an integrated operator that works for garage doors of all sizes within the range. When there is a power failure, it is possible to operate the door on a manual basis.

It is evident that the overlap sectional is much more beneficial compared to traditional sectional doors. The trackless system, the invisible operator, the counterbalance system and the absence of hardware on the internal side makes it the best garage door that you can have.