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The Benefits of Installing Dome Rooflights in Your House

If you want to protect the planet then you can do so by taking small steps and making conscious decisions to help the Earth. To help our planet we must try to reduce the amount of carbon footprint we create, because this figure is slowly skyrocketing to an alarming level. Carbon production can be reduced by installing energy efficient appliances in buildings, be it residential ones or commercial. Also, it helps to save as much energy as possible. One of the most efficient ways to save electricity in a building would be to install dome rooflights or skylights. These are not only pretty to look at but they also help in maximising natural light inside the building so that one does not have to rely extensively on lighting powered by electricity.

One of the prerequisites to installing such rooflights would be the curvature of the roof, i.e. its pitch should not be more than 15 degrees. These rooflights work best on low pitched or flat roofs. The good thing about these skylights is that they are compatible with a wide array of roofing systems such as metal, asphalt, liquid-applied, bituminous, single ply and so on. Irrespective of your preferences, requirements and budget, you can be sure that you’d find something that matches your need perfectly because these come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and glazing.

Since these are made of glass and they’re installed on the roof of the building, one has to ensure that they are of good quality and that they are thermoformed. After all, when you purchase a good quality rooflight you will be able to make the best use of natural sunlight during the day. Rooflights are a useful long term investment, therefore it pays to select a company that offers complete technical support pertaining to installation or even post sales. It is best to go for companies that offer long and comprehensive guarantees; this way you would know that you have invested your money in the right product!

Dome rooflights are extremely useful. Sadly, there are plenty of myths surrounding them. The first myth in this regard is that one does not need a rooflight as the windows do the job equally well. The truth is that in comparison to a vertical window on the wall, a dome rooflight can let in three times more natural light into the building!

Secondly, people often have the misconception that these rooflights are not secure and that intruders can pry them open and enter the house. In truth, a good quality rooflight is secured with special screwbolts which cannot be pried open or removed using common tools! Moreover, these screwbolts also do not leave pressure on the glazing; therefore you can rest assured that your rooflight will stay put!

Another myth concerning rooflights is that it is a very fragile item. The truth is that dome rooflights can be extremely strong. It all depends upon the material it is made up of. For instance, if you choose a polycarbonate dome rooflight then it would be up to 250 times stronger than regular toughened glass!