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The Aesthetic Charm of a Side Hinged Door

A side hinged door is one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices you can make for your home. Your home is, after all, your most prized possession, so why should your garage be any different? It is still a key part of your property and adds to the overall aesthetic feel, so it’s important it is also in keeping with the rest of your property. By choosing a side hinged garage door, you are emphasising style and sophistication, which will give your home a more exclusive feel.

Homeowners are one of the more discerning types of garage door customer. If you really take pride in your home, then you will need to be conscious of the impression your garage is giving. Don’t dismiss it as an outhouse – it is something that can add kerb appeal, especially in its prominent place at the front and centre of your driveway. You shouldn’t choose a garage door just for convenience or just because of the price. You should choose one that you love, that will have longevity and that adds to the overall vision you have for your property.

You can choose side hinged garage doors in a variety of colours, from traditional wood grains to whites, creams and other colours. If you want a traditional type of door with a modern feel as well, you could opt for a fashion colour like grey or silver. You might also choose a grooved cedar or chevron cedar door that will stand out and make your garage look more distinctive. The look you select is entirely your own and can be chosen by you depending on your personal preferences and style of home. If you want a classic style that won’t age but that will lend timeless beauty to your garage, why not opt for white wood? This strikes a balance between the modernness of the colour, and the traditional material.

The material is everything when choosing a side hinged door; a door that is all about aesthetics must also be made of a material that will suit it, and you, down to the ground. You can choose a timber door that has been treated, painted, or left as timber, creating a distinctive, discerning look that you love. You can also choose a steel door, though this is less common. Wood is the most popular material for a side hinged door, lending it the typical charm of this type of door and helping it blend in with the rest of your beautiful home. Make sure you have a choice of door furniture as well, so you can select the looks you would like.

Your home will always be able to benefit from a side hinged door. Well made and attractive, it won’t let you down regardless of what you want from it. The quality, the resilience and the overall aesthetic charm will be a welcome addition to your property. Any homeowner will be making an excellent and long-lasting decision with a quality, side hinged garage door.