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Solar Panel Awnings – Two Purposes in One Product!

On this website, we’ve talked, on numerous occasions, about the benefits of awnings. They can be a great product to install on a home or business premises, as they can be useful all year round. They can extend the sheltered areas of your property by protecting you from excess sun and rain, but still let you enjoy the outside world.

So we’ve talked about that, but we haven’t really discussed how you can combine an awning product with another one; solar panels. Solar panels are ideal for working as both an awning and an electricity generator system, particularly if it is done with PV film technology. This film is a very thin and flexible material which works in the same way as a normal photovoltaic, but thanks to its flexibility, it can also turn into a retractable awning.

Awnings are usually placed in areas above a porch; usually ones which receive a lot of sunlight. This means that by taking the extra step to purchase a solar panel awning means that you’ll still get the awning but with the added incentive of a solar panel and the resulting electricity. The price of such an awning is actually not that different compared to a standard awning either, which means that if you intended to get both a solar panel and an awning, combining the two could also save you money.