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Preventing Dandelions from ruining your Luscious Green Lawn

Some people like the look of dandelions and they’re a sign of spring, but they certainly do not bring a good look if they’re found in your law, an they can really destroy a nice soft and luscious green lawn.

Dandelions are not exactly harmful, but it’s more of a style issue when they’re found on your lawn. They spread quickly and it’s important o take action fast. We recommend you remove the whole of the tap root with a knife once you’ve dug below the soil, and it can be an extremely efficient way of removing dandelions for life, and don’t just for a week or a month.

Chemicals such as weedier can do a job as well, and there are lawn weed killers out there that can be even more beneficial. If you’re fed up of dandelions repeating like a virus, then take action and remove them from your lawn before it gets any worse.