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Perfect Coffee in the Kitchen using filter coffee machines and cafetieres

Filter Coffee Machines are available for both homes and businesses and come in a variety of sizes, makes, models and brands, all promising different elements and additions to making the perfect coffee. However, in hind sight all filter coffee machines work in the same way.

The idea of being able to have freshly brewed coffee that allows the coffee grounds to be fully immersed in the hot water, which allows the absorption of both the oils and richness, means that modern day transportable items such as the cafetiere is also very capable in producing an up to standard cup of coffee.

Further to this, the coffee beans that can be used with a cafetiere can also be of a variety of flavours, meaning that coffee lovers can enjoy their favourite blend of coffee from their chosen location.

The cafetiere being a small device would adequately fit into most small kitchens and come in a variety of sizes.