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Compressors can be engineered to Suit All Requirements

It is always very important to choose the right equipment for your enterprise or garage. Whatever you or your customers need, the selection should be done with much care. Choosing compressors should be based on the results of a thorough evaluation of all the technical and commercial factors and orders should only be placed on completion of the process.
Type of use
The type of application you want to put the compressor into is probably the most important consideration. It generally determines the type and size of the machine that is best for you. You should find out if your requirements for compressed air is constant throughout the day, or varies widely. Do not settle for any type of machine just because someone you know acquired the same thing.
When buying compressors for your business, you want to check how reliable they are. There are several questions that you should ask the vendor. It is important to enquire whether the machine will need repairs right away and their average shelf life.
Intended location of the compressor
Will the compressor be installed in a permanent location or will it be fixed on a mobile service vehicle? Will it be located outdoors or indoors? Generally, outdoor installations require costly electrical systems to ensure that the machine is protected against water or freezing. It is also important to note that sufficient ventilation is necessary for long term reliable use of compressors. You cannot therefore place an air compressor in a broom closet and expect it to work efficiently.
It is also vital to find out what pounds per square inch (PSI) you will require. It is the measure of the capability of the compressor to take air surrounding it and compress to higher pressure. The capability of the machine you buy should therefore either match or surpass the pressure requirements of the tools or pneumatic devices that you operate daily. Determining this requirement is very important as it will dictate whether you need single stage or a two stage compressors. The single stage machines have a maximum rating of 125 PSI, while the two stage can stretch to between 175 -200 PSI.
The quality of the air compressor is the most important thing when it comes to price and durability. Some of the most common materials that manufacturers use in constructing compressors include cast iron and aluminium. Typically, low-cost producers will always use aluminium to construct the pumps in a bid to keep the street prices down. However, for task that are quite demanding, always go for the types which are made of 100% cast-iron.
Electrical requirements of the installation site
Before purchasing the compressor, consider the electrical specifications of the place where you will install the pump. It is critical to identify and understand the voltage of the incoming lines. This will determine the size and horsepower of the compressor that you can use. Try as much as possible to choose a machine that will not require you to modify or change your existing electrical system.