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Choose The Right Kind Of Roof Lights To Light Up And Liven Up Your Interior

Whether you want to brighten up the interior of your home during the day, or you want to stare at the sparkling stars at night, all you need to do is install roof lights as an additional source of light. These glazed glass windows that are set in the plane of the ceiling or the room to let in natural sunlight or to provide a view of the nighttime sky will also add to the aesthetic value of your home too. The great part is that you can always use window blinds if too much sunlight is bothering or you want to sleep it complete darkness.

These roof lights or skylights are available in a several different variations.

Fixed Roof lights

These are the most basic kind of roof lights available today because the only purpose they serve is to add extra light to a room. If you want a skylight to enhance the aesthetics of a room as well, then these are not the best choice. However, although these are the most the basic kind, this does not mean that the available variety of fixed roof  lights is limited. Regardless of their simplicity, these fixed skylights come in a variety of different colours, shapes, sizes, and styles.

Ventilating Roof lights

As their name suggests, this kind of roof light not only allow natural light to enter a room but also provide ventilation as well. If your room could use the extra air, then installing this kind of a skylight will provide ample air in your room. Ventilated sky lights are available in both the automatic and manual variety, and these can be opened to let some fresh air in. Despite the presence of windows, rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc. usually get stuffy. Installing roof lights in these rooms can not only keep these rooms well-lit but well-ventilated as well.

Tubular Skylights

These are the latest kinds of roof lights. Since this is a compact style of skylight, light up smaller spaces such as bathrooms, closets, hallways, utility room, etc. quite ideally. The average size that these roof lights are available is generally 10 inches but they can also be found in slightly larger sizes. This is why they are considered the most convenient and sleek kind of skylights. Best of all, despite their small compact size, they light up a room quite impressively.

While there are several other kinds of roof lights available as well, these are the major ones. As far as their shapes are concerned, people usually choose either the dome shaped or the pyramid shaped rooflights, which are the most popular shapes. If you want add a more elegant look to your room, you should go for a dome shaped roof light, while if you want to add a sharp contemporary look in your room, you should go for a pyramid shaped one. Nonetheless, regardless of their shape, size or the kind of skylight chosen, these ‘lights’ can most certainly help brighten and liven up a room, enhancing its aesthetic value as well.