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The Benefits of Oak Fencing

Are you planning to have a fence installed? A fence is any freestanding structure designed to create a boundary that restricts intrusion or prevents movement. Fences are erected for agricultural, security, aesthetic or for temporary reasons such as construction. There are many types of fences and you need to invest in that fence that will make the feel and look of your homestead rather than break it. When it comes to making a decision on the perfect choice of fence for your home, garden or ranch then it is surely important to consider the benefits that oak fences has over other fencing options. Here is a look at some of these benefits offered by oak fencing.


Oak fences are among the strongest and can withstand harsh weather or knocking by animals. If your locality is prone to harsh rain or winds, snow, hurricanes or tornadoes, then these fences will suit you well. These fences are resilient and timeless, and have withstood the great test of time. The climate factor needs consideration when choosing the type of fence you need because you do not want a sagging fence or a broken one that needs constant repairs every time the climate show off its claws.


Oak fences have that versatile look that makes them appear new and fresh. These fences do not wear out fast and thus no need of frequent replacements. They also merge well with the surrounding and thus the overall design of the homestead. They are also easily curved to get different designs as you wish.


As compared to other types of fencing, oak fencing is typically budget friendly and can easily compete with a look of your choice, whether contemporary, traditional or rustic. These fences will not strain your budget as they have little maintenance costs.


Oak fencing gives you different style options such as the Victorian style, round edge (bull nose), torus, Chamfered among others. Any other design of your choice can also be made with these types of fences. Oak has a certain stylish appeal that makes it popular to many intending to have a stylish fence.

Perfect finishing

Oak fencing allows you to choose either an unfinished look or a pre-finished look. You can choose the pre-finished look that has hard wax oil which helps it maintain the natural oak character, helps to increase its durability, enables it to become dirt repellent and hard wearing. If you opt for the unfinished look, then you can choose to paint, vanish or stain the oak.

However, if you want to reap the mentioned benefits, you need to make an effort to maintain the fences by having routine maintenance and checking the quality before purchasing. Oak fencing has been used for years due to their durability, strength and attractiveness. These fences are protected from rot by their natural tannin content. They are perfect to split or cleave and have immense resilient strength. When well installed, these fences will have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years.